Afro Sports Fishing  on Mafia Island


Mafia Island is another dream fishing destination for anglers the world over. The beauty of this tropical island archipelago is stunning and boasts pristine reefs teaming with fish and life.


If you are looking to catch large GT’s on poppers, or target Dogtooth Tuna on vertical jigs, along with Mafia island this is your dream East African fishing destination!

Afro Team is not only a wizard on the water, but also provides a very interesting social experience throughout your trip. Having grown up on the island, Afro Team will explain the workings of Mafia and keep you entertained for days with his “Afroshy” allowing you a glimpse through his eyes at a different world.


Giant Trevally, Wahoo, Sailfish, YellowFin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Dolphinfish (Dorado) and various resident reef fish are amongst the species of fish on the island.


A Fyber boat or wooden local boati 30ft is fully rigged for trolling. Front and back deck space for popping and jigging (Angler must provide own equipment). Able to comfortably reach the outer reefs. Up to 4 trolling anglers. Can accommodate 5 popping/jigging anglers.
The boat runs in a full/half day basis, for full day lunch is included on the boat. Water, tea and coffee are included on the boat as well. Soft drinks and beers can be purchased on the boat.


The fishing grounds include Mafia Island and its reefs (Mange, Kitutia, Ras Mkumbi), Songo Songo islands, the deep sea crescent north-east of Mafia extending to Okuza, Nyuni and Njove Islands, and in the channels from Ras Bweni to Miororo Island.


All fishing is based upon catch-and-release with one fish allowed for the table.


The best fishing is from September to March, but we catch common species such as barracuda, rainbow runner and trevalley all year-round. The tuna run is from









Fishing Boat Type Half Dar Full Day
Full Fishing fyber boat 500 $800
Local Wooden Boat $300 $450


Price Includes

Full equipped boat

Lunch and snacks

Mineral water

Fishing License

 Important Information

The above rates are valid from 1st June 2022 to 31st March 2023
Please note that AFRO BEACH BUNGALOWS AND AFRO WHALE SHARK SAFARI LIMITED is NOT located within the Mafia Island Marine Park boundaries. All guests NO   required to pay PARK FEES
These rates do not include the government-imposed bed levy (tax) of $1.50 per person per night. This will be added
to your final bill.