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"The Best Place for Swimming with Whale Sharks"

My name is Afro. I am a local guide born on Mafia Island and the proud owner of Afro Whale Shark Safari.  We provide top rated tours on Mafia Island for Swimming with Whale Sharks and many other activities.

We are located on Afro’s Beach where you can stay in our bungalows, relax and enjoy the Island.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Swim with Whale Sharks

 Swimming with whale sharks is one of the best experiences Mafia Island has to offer. We are the highest ranking tour on Tripadvisor…and for good reason!

Afro Beach Bungalow - Swimming with Whale Sharks

Afro Beach Bungalows

 Come and stay in our beach bungalows sat on our own private stretch of beach. With beautiful sunsets, quiet and warm friendly staff. 

Cheap Flights to Mafia Island

We can get you the best fare on flights to Mafia Island – Let us know and we will give you a quote.

Diving in Mafia Island

Acitivities in Mafia Island

Diving, snorkeling, culutral tours, sandbank BBQs and the secret lagoon are just a few of the amazing things we can show you on Mafia Island

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Afro Whale Shark is run and owned by locals. We support our local community in many ways. Read more about our work.

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