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Swimming with whale sharks is one of the best experiences Mafia Island has to offer. Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the ocean and their docile and curious nature make them a pleasure to swim with.

It is a lifetime experience that you cannot miss. The best season begins from October to end of February when the “Dominos” (nickname for the Whale Sharks) unite themselves in the bay to eat plankton and prepare for the way back.

Our tour will leaves daily at 7am (you will be picked up from your hotel at 6.30am) and will take between 2-5 hours. Whale sharks are wild animals so there is no guarantee that we will find them. Around 80% of our tours find whale sharks. In the case that we do not see them, you can return to do another tour with us at the reduced rate of $50

PRICE: $60

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Most of our staff (including the owner Afro) used to be fishermen, so we know the island and are used to finding the whale sharks. When we used to fish we would find the whale sharks as this is where the fish would be so we have been looking for them our whole lives! We know their nature and hangout spots better than anybody!
We are an Eco tour who carry out conservation practices (check out our conservation page)
Afro Safari is usually one of the first boats leaving in the morning so you have a chance to swim alone with the sharks before the other tour companies arrive.
We are a locally owned and run company. There are many western companies on the Island but with us you know you are supporting locals who have built this company out of nothing!
We genuinely LOVE the whale sharks. We treat them with respect and do not use aggressive or harmful tactics.
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