We work together with Tropical Airlines to guarantee you the best rates on your trip to Mafia

Our Rates:

Dar Es Salaam – Mafia: $115
Mafia – Dar Es Salaam: $115

Zanzibar – (Dar Es Salaam) – Mafia: $175
Mafia – (Dar Es Salaam) – Zanzibar: $175

Arusha – (Dar) – Mafia: $300
Mafia – (Dar) – Arusha: $300

Klimanjaro – (Dar) – Mafia: $300
Mafia – (Dar) – Kilimanjaro: $300

*All rates are in USD, one way, per person, more destinations available upon request.

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Ferry to Mafia

It is possible to take a ferry to Mafia Island however it takes 4 hours from Dar Es Salaam and an additional 4 hours ferry assuming there are no delays.

For full inforamtion about the ferry and additional info about visiting Mafia on a budget you can read The Ordinary Adventurer’s post here.

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